Bakes Flagship Thao Dien

A design system that balances the everyday (say, a piece of bread) and special occasions (birthdays!), from branding to interior architecture.

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Brand ethos:

'Pastry should be like love: exciting, thoughtful, honest.'

We keep everyday baked goods packaging simple and approachable using kraft material, with a touch of personality through vivid colors, illustration, and writing to keep things exciting.

We prioritize personality and context over blind consistency.

A customizable stamping-system for product cards, easily adaptable as the brand continues to test and develop new products.

Taking inspirations from our products and ingredients, we developed a new illustration system for our special occasional packagings. Every bag and box is gift-able.

A reusable gift box.

A glimpse into our baking and packing process.

An interchangeable hanging signage.

The three-story, 1000m2 building is thoughtfully divided into distinct areas, each serving a different

purpose while maintaining a cohesive design intention: to be welcoming, warm, and exciting in every detail.

The ground floor houses the Boulangerie & Patisserie, laid out like a mini market.

The building was carefully restored by the design team to its original state,

exposing the beam structure to maximize the space.

The warm tones of the imperfect tiles and plywood complement the exposed beam structure, creating an inviting and friendly atmosphere. The result is a comfortable and welcoming ambiance that reflects the essence of Bakes.

Moving up to the first floor, you'll find the Bistro & Bar, reminiscent of a cozy hotel lounge, offering a space for guests to unwind and savor their treats.

Stained plywood takes center stage, providing a visually appealing texture that contributes to the creation of a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Meticulous attention was given to the selection of (mostly bespoke) furniture and plants throughout the establishment.

Special emphasis was placed on lounge chairs and outdoor furniture to ensure a comfortable

and ergonomic experience for customers as they indulge in the delectable pastries and

soak in the inviting ambiance.

In fact, Bakes is one of the first establishments in Vietnam to import authentic Hay Denmark furnitures.

Finally, the top floor houses a secret "labo" with a disciplined aesthetic,

an essential part of the business.

Go behind the scene with us.

Creative Direction: Tuan Le

Graphic Design: Nghi Tran, Jun Kohmura, Trang Dinh

Illustration: Huong Ngo, Reo Le

Graphic Support: Xuan Phan

Spatial Design: Gia Tu Tran, Tram Dang, Tomas Tran, Jean HuynhStrategic Partnership: Phuong Anh, Duy Lam

Procurement: Hanh Le, Tam Chau, Hai Nguyen, Hai Uyen Huynh, Huyen Huynh

Producer: Kai Le

Uniform: PortraitConstruction: Tbd ConstructionFurniture: Lab, District Eight Design, Hay Denmark

Tiles Supplier:

Documentation: Kho Qua Studio, Do SyBusiness Support: Bryan Doan, Lab HR