Dao House

A contemporary dynastic Vietnam.

DAO HOUSE (or as we like to call it HOUSE OF DAO) is a spatial and branding project that takes inspiration from Dynastic Vietnam, and carefully carries it to this century. We’re not trying to recreate it. Instead, we imagine what the lords would have done if they had access to new materials and aware of new experiences and taste.

Type and iconography design inspired by logographic Chữ Nôm and find itself throughout the space and collaterals.

Main bar features an acrylic backlit lotus pond-inspired dropped ceiling.

DAO HOUSE illustrations by @_th19_ uses traditional compositions to
reimagine contemporary nightlife. Gradation in branding colors help distinguish it even further.

The illustrations can be found on printed collaterals and door frame ornaments.

The cocktail space is divided into two distinct areas by a series of traditional-inspired doors (“cửa bức bàn”), which form the corridors between the main bar and the private lounge, where the service staff can appear and disappear as needed. What we lose in usable space we gained in unique ambience.

Bespoke design features: parasol roofs inspired by Vietnamese “lọng”, courtesy window partitions, and bar wall taken from cabinet of curiosities.

Spatial Design: Thu Le (Sr)
Spatial Support: Hung Le (Sr), Tram Dang, Naomi Nguyen, Hiep Tran Graphic Design: Andree, Thanh Hoa, Eve Tran Producer: Tin Do, Kai Le, Hanh Le, Tam Chau Creative Director: Tuan Le Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen Account Manager: Huyen Vo Account Executive: Anh Nguyen, Trang Nguyen Photography: @khoqua.studio Documentation: Tuan Ha, Kho Qua Model: @baotram Make up: @hien_korea Wardrobe: @fanci.club Builder: Tbd Construction