De La Sól / Shadow

De La Sól / Shadow is a mixed concept space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A fluid intersection of exhibition halls, cafe lounge, retail displays, and client experience center of Sun Life Insurance (also the primary investor).

The Lab drew inspiration from the idea of growth — both a reference to Sun Life’s brand promise and the flourishing Ho Chi Minh City — to design different volumes in the space.

The design layers new elements in view of the old. The historical villa facade stands untouched, in contrast to a new 2-story structure of steel and glass, with both structure connected by an expressive loop staircase. Bespoke rotating kinetic sculptures dot the outdoor, acting as a shading solution and a landmark — and a visual metaphor for growth.

Creative Director: Tuan Le

Lead Spatial Designers: Hung Le, Tram Dang

Spatial Design Support: Hiep Tran

Lead Strategic Partnership: Anh Nguyen

Strategic Partnership Support: Phuong Anh Nguyen, Gia Minh

Photography: Chimnon Studio, Kho Qua Studio

Documentation: Xuan Phan, Chuong Pham

Documentation Support: Trang Nguyen, Thien Tuong

Contractor: DB Plus

R&D Consultant: Vietnam Project Architecture Interior, The Lab’s RaD team

Metal Artist: Zachary Buehner