Lab Office

Casual Creativity is our approach to the office (and maybe even our work). It means approaching creativity with function, taste and personality in mind (as opposed to deep philosophy). It's expressed in the everyday, the trees, the activities we have in our flexible space, the work we do, our culture, positive vibes, parties, productivity.

The office is open, so each team is encouraged to adopt a tree or two for soft privacy.

We went to the local plant nurseries and picked out trees from about 40 different species. The trees are there for shade and company, but they're also an homage to our old villa office, with its lush garden.

Chairs and bench from our designer-at-large Reo, made from reclaimed wood in the mountains of Dalat, where he currently works remotely. Our custom chair inspired by chairs found in any Vietnamese grandma's house, updated with stainless steel seat and back.

Post-covid, we installed hands-free mechanical devices on all our WC facilities. Designed by our partner Kon Studio.

Our custom Vietnamese low-bench can be reconfigured for different uses.
When we grow, we'll elevate it to become a communal table. We already planned the wiring gutter.

Pantry with commercial fridge and espresso machines. We do a lot of tastings
here. Broken neon from our (now closed) breakfast bar called Bunker. (Below) The people in this office.

Creative Director: Tuan Le
Spatial Designers: Thu Le, Naomi Nguyen, Hung Le Spatial Designer Support: Tram Dang Interior Architecture Support: Triet Le, Daniel Arce Production Director: Nhung Ho Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen Account Manager: Huyen Vo Photography: Do Sy Plants Photography: Kai Documentation: Tuan Ha Contractor: Tbd Construction