Our branding for LoiLoi attempts to capture Vietnamese-Chinese-American Victoria Loi's story, her upbringing in Little Saigon (US), her rediscovery of Saigon (Vietnam), her youthful personality and vision of a safe space for cross-cultural, cross-generational communities to come together.

Loiloi’s logo, featuring both Chinese script and its Vietnamese equivalent in the form of one family seal, embodies the vision of creating a cross-cutural and cross-generational community.

The color palette draws inspiration from the traditional indigo dyeing technique of Northern Vietnam, inspired by a formative trip by the founder across her motherland.

LoiLoi may have started as a physical place for a Vietnamese-Chinese-American girl, but has since evolved into a series of experiences for others like her across the world.Our team in Saigon worked closely with LoiLoi’s team in Los Angeles to bring the LoiLoi experience to ever more people and places, in different forms.

Creative Director: Tuan Le

Graphic Designers: Xuan Phan, Ven Bui

Illustration: Reo Le

Strategic Partnership: Anh Nguyen, Trang Nguyen, Huyen Vo

Producers: Kai Le, Tam Chau, Tin Do

Lifestyle Photographers: Allison Nguyen, The Boy You Lost

Documentation and Studio Photography: Kho Qua studio, Chuong Pham, Thuy Truc

Events Production: Team LoiLoi