Love Is Hard. HIV Prevention Is Easy.

We contrasted the ups and downs of love with the mundane simplicity of HIV prevention. (It's just a pill.)

Love is hard. The rest is easy.

Real stories.

In 2020, we started to gather inspiration for this year's HIV awareness campaign.We asked the mostly LGBTQI+ community to send us their real stories about love. We expected 100. We received over 1500 real stories.We read each one and compiled 1096 complete stories into 3 volumes.(Download Vol 1, Vol 2Vol 3)

After a series of teasers on World Aids Day, we commissioned 2 Vietnamese artists (newcomer Mike Pham and veteran LGBTQ rap star Kimmese) to write a campaign song inspired by our love stories.

Titled "Love is Hard", the music film reached over 1M+ views on YouTube and spawned covers and choreography videos.

Posters dramatize the trials and tribulations of love.

And contrast it with the simplicity of drinking a pill to prevent HIV.

Recreated in English. Original campaign in Vietnamese.

We created a messenger sticker pack to insert the campaign message in daily conversations.

The sticker pack was downloaded organically 500,000+ times.

L0v3 is a chatbot. It helps filter anonymous message requests to alleviate workloads of volunteers.

Shy people find it easier to talk to L0v3 before they work up the courage to talk to a real person.

The campaign culminated in an art exhibition called "The Museum of Heartbreak"

10 contemporary artists produced installations,performance art, photography, digital experiences, and more.

Inspired by our love stories.

Campaign merchandise given away at the "Museum of Heartbreak" exhibition.

We couldn't have done it ourselves.

Grab donated discount codes "Love is Hard" to our exhibition.

Durex produced 2 podcasts and donated thousands of condoms.

Blued (a dating app for gay men) donated valuable home screen banners.

Before we get to the results, which were compiled by media agency iProspect, PR agency Vero, and Meta, we'd like to share our favorite—a YouTube comment on the music film:

"My best friend is LGBTQ and HIV+. Listening to this, I just want to cry. To run up and embrace them. Real love is hard, being HIV+ doesn't mean anything. If love is strong enough, HIV is no longer a barrier."

Mini-documentary produced by members of the creative community, with behind-the-scenes access to the team, clients, doctors, volunteers, and artists. A snapshot of the unseen efforts of hundreds people involved in this campaign.


Lead Strategy & Creative Agency: The Lab Saigon

PR Agency: Vero

Media Agency: iProspect

Creative Director: Tuan Le

Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen

Account Manager: Huyen Vo

Account Executives: Duy Lam, Anh Nguyen, Khoa Do

Strategists: Ly Tong, Tuan Dao

Copywriters: Huynh Vinh Son, Mien Pham, Tuan Le

Art Direction: Rèo Là Tui

Creatives: Andree Nguyen, Tran N Nguyen, Khe Nguyen, Trang Dinh, Tuan Anh Ha, Kai Nguyen, Bao Anh Bui, Hung Le , Xuan Phan, Vu Nguyen

Portfolio Documentation: Andree Nguyen, Kai Nguyen, Loc Huynh, Trang Nguyen

Producers: Hanh Le, Tin Do

Animation: Arnold, Callimotion

Website Development: DigiTop

Music Video and Photography Production House: Booncha Studio

Executive Producers: Tram Pham, Paul Vi Minh

Singers and Songwriters: Mike Phạm, Kimmese

Mixing & Mastering: bui.linh.bui (Saigon Root Music)

Director and Editor: Khánh Nguyễn

Director of Photography: Trương Trọng Tân

Producer: Khôi Nguyễn

Assistant Director: Chop TN

Production Assistant: Tiên Nguyễn

Set Designers: Reo Le, Thủy Trúc

Props: Nguyễn Thanh Hồng

Wardrobe: Điền Huyền Linh

Wardrobe Assistant: Phùng Nguyễn Ngọc Hiếu

Make Up Artist: Trang EMJ