Phoenix Office

Office as an exhibition.

To design the new office for Phoenix Holdings—investor of Saigon Heat and McDonald's—we envisioned a modern blank canvas of an office to
facilitate the client's different brands, one that resembles an exhibition space to display the client's taste for art.

windows frame view within views

meeting room (s)

works of art adorn the office walls

interior windows frame views open up the space

Design: Lab x Aaaaaa
Architect: Triet Le (Aaaaaa) Designers: Tram Dang (Lab), Khoa Ngo (Aaaaaa), Giang Le (Aaaaaa) Draftsman: Hiep Tran (Lab), Y Nguyen (Aaaaaa) Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen (Lab) Creative Director: Tuan Le (Lab) Production Director: Nhung Ho (Aaaaaa) Producers: Tin Le (Lab), Ngoc (Lab), Ray (Lab) Furniture: District Eight Design, Client's Photographer: Do Sy Documentation: Ven Bui (Lab)