Shadow Lounge Branding

Shadow Lounge is a cafe lounge. But it’s also a space to spotlight local creativity, from baristas and chefs to designers and artists. Specifically, we wanted to show what happens behind the scenes of any creative process: from cooking to design. The unseen, unfamiliar, unknown work. Starting with the logo, we experimented with different creative processes to design the logotype. But we purposefully chose an in between version. And from that thought we executed everything else from product design to art direction.

Creative Director: Tuan Le, Quang Vinh

Branding Design: Xuan Phan, Trang Dinh, Tuan Ha, Jun Kohmura, Nghi Tran

Product Design: Hung Le, Tram Dang

Illustrator: Chuong Pham

Production: Kai Le, Tin Do

Procurement: Chau Thanh Tam

Strategic Partnership Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen

Strategic Partnership Manager: Anh Nguyen

Strategic Partnership: Duy Lam

Photographer: Kho Qua Studio

Documentation: Xuan Phan, Chuong Pham

Production: Lab Rad