Vietcetera Podcast

A future-proof generative branding system for an up and coming podcast platform.

The challenge: Create an identity system for Vietcetera's new podcast platform. The podcast series and conversation topics are not set in stone. That is, we need to design a future-proof system for which we have incomplete information.

The solution:
We designed a software that takes audio data and generates a spectrogram artwork, in collaboration with ex-lab creative technologist Nhan Phan. 

The big picture:
Let's say the client decides to create a show about workplace culture. The client uploads audio files relating to the topic (keystrokes, printers buzzing, brainstorming sessions, etc.). The software outputs the artworks. The logo and layout system take care of the rest. They don't need us anymore.

The nerd stuff:
Each artwork is a spectrogram (x-axis for time and y-axis for frequency). Amplitude and frequency determine color processing. The software is written in Python script.

Creative Director: Tuan Le
Graphic Designers: Jay Vu and Tran N Nguyen Creative Technologist: Nhan Phan Animation: Khe Nguyen and Huy Le (Vietcetera) Account Executive: Khoa Do Documentation Support: Andree and Tuan Le Special thanks: Khanh Lam & Vietcetera Team