Y Lounge - Sun Life HQ

Sun Life's Executive Lounge has front row view of Saigon river and skyline. This is where you witness the city's growth and think about how to make your mark on it.

We positioned all the furniture near the window, and placed reflective surfaces along the ceiling and wall to give everyone a view, no matter where they looked. Walls and columns are shaped into curtains, as if someone had open up the blinds. Recessed windows frame the view and give the space a signature look.

Dramatic furniture and interior fixtures subvert expectations of a traditional office. In fact, it's more of an observation deck than an office.

Creative Director: Tuan Le

Lead Spatial Designer: Thu Le

Spatial Designers: Hung Le, Tram Dang

Strategic Partnership Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen

Strategic Partnership Manager: Ngoc Anh

Contractor: Line Decor

Photographer: Kho Qua Studio

Documentation: Tuan Ha