Bakes Flagship

Bakes is a French pâtisserie that believes pastry should be like love: simple, thoughtful, honest.

We designed a brand with nothing to hide, an honest identity inside out, from packaging to architecture.

Wordmark crafted from Bakes Sans, our bespoke font in one confident weight, balancing curves, straight edges, and mostly monospaced glyphs, for a clean but friendly vibe.

Custom illustrations lend personality to the brand and provide animation opportunities.

The system evokes simple honesty, a reflection of the brand’s use of natural local-ingredients, no artificial coloring, and no preservatives. With a touch of personality.

Our bags are made from cassava starch and other bio-based materials, which will biodegrade naturally

The handkerchief is a splash of color on the canvas that is our uniform. Its bespoke pattern is a blend of illustration and graphic inspired by the Turtle Lake neighborhood, where the brand originates.

It’s also used as gift wraps.

Much creative love has been put into the pastries, the photography’s direction is to get out of the way.

The honest relationship between people and pastry is something we tried to capture. We weren’t interested in perpetuating the snooty image of fancy French pastries.

The facade features glass and ceiling mirrors to invite people to observe our process.

An undulating stone wall (inspired by the architecture of the Turtle Lake neighborhood) partially wraps around the space to provide a flexible shelving system for different merchandises, whereas the centered stone island showcases the pastries.

Custom furnitures reference the Turtle Lake neighborhood architecture, a few steps from Bakes' flagship.

Creative Director: Tuan Le
Spatial Designers: Tomas Tran, Tram Dang, Trung Tran, Naomi Nguyen Production Director: Nhung Ho Graphic Designers: Trang Dinh, Tran N Nguyen, Jay Vu Illustrator: Hung Le (Reo) Junior Motion Graphic: Tuan Le Photographer: Do Sy, Thuy Truc, Kai Nguyen, Duong Gia Hieu Production: Phuong Anh Nguyen, Hanh Le Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen Project Manager: Huyen Vo, Khoa Do Strategists: Ly Tong, Tuan Dao Documentation Support: Andree Nguyen, Kai Nguyen, Khe Nguyen Build: Tbd Construction