Project Gyutan Restaurant

Project Gyutan is a restaurant by a young Vietnamese man who takes inspiration from a Japanese beef tongue dish while studying in the United States. The brand idea is to create a shared myth between these cultures. Thus, the tale of a young man's fierce battle with a colossal beast begins...

Bespoke typography, lock-up, and signage systems for different contexts.

Illustrations are inspired by stone reliefs and applied throughout print collaterals and interior design.

The iconography draw inspiration from primitive ritualistic symbols found across the world, including on ancient Vietnamese bronze drums.

Copywriting evokes the brand narrative in a cheeky way.

Bespoke decorations add narrative interest in the space. Every detail matters.

Creative Directors: Reo, Tuan Le

Graphic Designers: Reo, Thinh Tran, Jun Kohmura

Spatial Designers: Gia Tu, Thien Thanh, Jean Huynh

Draftsman: Minh Do

Writers: Reo, Tuan Le

Strategic Partnership Managers: Anh Nguyen, Trang Nguyen

Producer: Kai Le

Photographer: WuyHoang Studio